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Real-time aerodynamic performance quantification for aerodynamic assets

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An intelligent network of sensors delivering actionable real-time
aerodynamic performance data

Wind turbines are aerodynamic systems but today’s manufacturers and operators don’t have a clear picture of the real-time aerodynamic performance of their turbine blades.

AERAS brings advanced aerospace technology developed and patented by Marinvent Corporation to allow wind energy leaders to complete this picture and optimize their assets to a new level.

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“The industry is very good at assessing how
often wind assets are running but does not know
precisely how well they are running.” - EPRI Journal

The energy into a wind turbine is the result of
aerodynamic interaction between the wind and
blades but there is no real-time monitoring of blade aerodynamics.

which can be significantly impacted by
contamination, damage, leading edge erosion,
manufacturing defect, etc.

We're changing that! The Enhanced Airfoil Performance Monitor (EAPM) developed by Marinvent Corporation provides real-time, quantified aerodynamic performance data to optimize your turbine based on the conditions it is actually seeing – right now!

EAPM has been tested in wind and icing tunnels, on aircraft and on wind turbines as of 2019. The sensor system is in the final stages of testing on a 2MW utility scale turbine at the Nergica test facility in Quebec, Canada and will be available soon!

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